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Our range of hand-made timber windows and sash windows, are installed with care by our trained and experienced craftsmen. They come in distinct styles – Traditional, Modern and Conservation making them perfect for all houses of distinction. Through clever design many of the complaints associated with wood have been eliminated, our products will not stick or twist, require very little maintenance, offer modern standards of security and significant energy savings. 

Stormproof windows feature rebated openers which lip over the front face of the window frame. Our Storm proof option brings the benefits of security, warmth, warp resistance, weathering and modern double glazing performance.

The design of our vertical sliding sash windows ensure that they reproduce as faithfully as possible, the simple grace of English sash windows progressively developed from the late Georgian period and in common use throughout the UK.

The dimensions of our sashes, meeting rails and glazing bars have been made slim, with traditional mouldings subtly modified to suit modern glazing technology.

Draught strips stop rattles, and highly insulated glazing units minimise heat loss and draughts. Multi-layer timber and very careful attention to detail, eliminates the swelling and warping that causes jamming on windows of lesser quality.

Flush casement windows have openers that close into the frame and finish flush with the face of the window. Warp resistant timber, locks which engage in multiple points around the perimeter of every opener, ventilation grooves, drainage channels and glazing units which lose approximately half the heat of standard double glazing.

We can also offer a bespoke frame service where required for conservation or matching purposes.